I stumbled onto photography a few years ago after my children left the nest.  I had always loved taking pictures of my family, as most moms do, but had never considered it for more than a pastime.  Then, a hip injury grounded me for a few months and I began to read and fall in love with photography.  It was such an awakening to see my thoughts and feelings reflected in my images; my subconscious had finally found a voice.


Self Portrait

I am originally from Costa Rica but was raised in New York City.  Through photography I’ve re-connected to a childhood environment that I had long thought forgotten. My deep respect and love of nature comes from my uninhibited early experiences of hopping through fields, climbing trees, catching frogs, laughing at monkeys - the jungle as my playground.  Nature nourished my soul as a child and then again after losing my husband to 9/11. My love for nature led me to explore and discover that it was the medium I needed for creating images that feel like music to my brain. 


So here I am, a few years later and few years wiser, and I still love my camera. With each passing day it becomes more and more my paintbrush and canvas.  I use intentional camera movement, double exposure and photoshop to create my images. I hope you enjoy seeing the images that capture my imagination and feelings.